Daily email Number 419 from the Vicar

As we have already seen at different times, the Psalms cover a whole range of emotions; they are our hymnbook to talk or cry out to God in many different situations, good and bad.  In these troubled times for example, the Psalms of Lament have been rediscovered by the church.
However, our Psalm today, Psalm 33, is a simple song of praise to God for what He has done.  We know we should give praise to God, I think from personal experience it is easier to do it in song rather than just words, but here are some words kept for us, which perhaps will lead us on to use our own words to the Lord.
So the basic structure of the Psalm seems to go like this:Verses 1-3 are an opening call to God’s people to praise, sing and play to the Lord.  And then most of the rest of the Psalm gives the reasons for praise.
The next section is about praising God for His faithfulness and justice (vs.4-5), for His wonderful and vast creation (vs.6-9), that His plans will prevail over those who might be against Him (vs.10-11).
The next section (vs.12-19) is about praising God for choosing His people, for watching over them, for protecting them, with a reminder that He is the great deliverer rather than earthly human or animal strength.
And then the last few verses (vs.20-22) are a call to continue to wait and trust, which are a helpful reminder that we never get things completely licked this side of heaven, but we need to continue to do these things day by day.
Perhaps you might like to read this Psalm again at different points in your day??
In our cycle of prayer, let us remember in our prayers today,- Derek & Joanna- Doreen

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