Daily email Number 416 – from the Vicar

We finish off our variously delayed walk through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians by reading Chapter 6 verses 19 to 24.
We closed yesterday with a real emphasis from the apostle to pray, on ALL occasions with ALL kinds of prayers and requests (v.18).  And we have seen in our earlier readings from the letter some of THE great prayers in the NT, particularly in Chapters 1 & 3.  So Paul is a great pray-er and a great teacher and encourager to his readers to pray. However, here we see Paul show his humanity and his humility, when he craves their prayers for him, ‘Pray also for me…’.Paul too is in a spiritual battle, not just because he is in prison from where he is writing his letter, but because preaching the gospel, sharing his faith, telling others about Jesus is often scary.  There is always a temptation, little voices in your head, which say, don’t do it, don’t bother – even for the apostle Paul, perhaps the greatest missionary/church planter which the church has ever seen.
Paul is often depicted, particularly by those who don’t want to sit under his teaching today, as a hard man, as a man who is above criticism, who doesn’t care what others think.  And it is true he was amazingly driven and obedient to the call of God, but in the last few verses of this letter, along with personal remarks in many others, we see something of the human being, who has needs and doubts like the rest of us – I find these sections very moving.  ‘Pray also for me…’
Tychicus (v.21), first mentioned in the 3rd missionary journey in Acts Ch.20 v.4, and also at the end of several of Paul’s letters, was obviously a trusted companion in this part of the world.  He was the one who seemed to carry this letter to the Ephesians and perhaps other churches in the area, and he would bring other personal news and updates as well (vs.21-22).And then the last 2 verses take us from Paul and bring us back to God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, which is always a good place to finish.
In our own cycle of prayer, let us remember today in our prayers,- Terry and Dawn- Mary, Sharon’s Mum.

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