Daily email Number 385 – from the Vicar

Our passage today is Isaiah Chapter 5 verses 1 to 7, entitled in my Bible as the Song of the Vineyard.
What starts out as a love song suddenly turns sour at the very end of v.2, when despite all the love and protection that the vineyard owner had given to his vineyard, it yielded only bad fruit.
And so the vineyard owner asks the people of Jerusalem and Judah to judge between himself and the vineyard – whose fault was it that it has gone wrong? (vs.3-4).  And so the owner has decided to get rid of the vineyard and turn it into a wasteland (vs.5-6).
And then in v.7, if we haven’t guessed it already, the Lord reveals the meaning of this song/parable, that the vineyard is the house and people of Israel/Judah, the garden of his delight (what a lovely phrase that is!), but instead of justice and righteousness in this kingdom there is bloodshed and cries of distress.
And vineyard and vines are a picture/metaphor that are used throughout the Bible, and Jesus Himself uses it when He tells the Parable of the Tenants in Matthew Ch.21 vs.33-46 (do look it up).  And of course, in words that we have looked at not so long ago on a Sunday, Jesus says that He is the true vine (John Ch.15 vs.1-17) and that if we are to be fruitful, and not end up like the vineyard in this song, then we need to remain in Him, a challenge that we need to revisit and apply to ourselves each and every day.
These are sober words, then and now, particularly to those who have been given so much, that we take them as a warning and learn the lessons of what happened to God’s people then. 

From our church address list let us remember in our prayers today,- Shirley and family, for strength for Shirley in various challenges she has to face- Tina McGowan, especially as her sister died in the early hours of Monday morning.

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