Daily email Number 361 – from the Vicar

As I sign off for 2 weeks here is a good message to leave with you, “Do not worry”, as I point you to the words of the Lord Jesus.
Today’s passage from the Bible is Matthew Chapter 6 verses 25 to 34, perhaps familiar words to you, but no less challenging just because we may have heard them several times before.
Jesus is using 2 specific examples, that of food and clothing, although the final verse of the passage (v.34) in a sense acknowledges all daily worries.
And when Jesus talks about food and clothing, the original context is not your preferred diet or the latest fashion, He is talking about enough to get by, think rural Kenya or war-torn Yemen for modern examples.  However, the sentiments still apply to the concerns and issues that we have in our 21st century Western culture. 
And Jesus uses simple examples of nature around us, the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, part of God’s creation, to show us that they do perfectly okay without worrying.  And by comparison human beings, who are the pinnacle of His creation, made in His image, will surely be looked after by our heavenly Father, so we do not have to worry about these things.We need to look to Him in faith, because He is FAITHFUL, incidently the overall theme of the Keswick Convention this year!!
So the application is in v.33, ‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…’ – look to God and His priorities first, and then all these other things will be given as well, because He is good, and He knows we need them, because He created us.So in a world of uncertainty, DO NOT WORRY.

In our prayers today, let us remember our overseas connections, in more difficult situations than ourselves, Fidel and family in Kenya, Hannah in Tunisia, Saw Myint in Myanmar, and Fran & Val in Nazareth.

If you need to ask anything church wise or faith wise in the next fortnight, then do contact Derek or another member of the Leadership Council. Derek’s contact details are 07405 133638 / derekp1@protonmail.com.

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