Daily email Number 359 – from the Vicar

Good morning to everyone.
One more look at this section about how we carry out our spiritual disciplines or “acts of righteousness” by looking at the passage on prayer, Matthew Chapter 6 verses 5 to 15.
There are many things I could say from this passage, I’ll content myself with three.
1) We shouldn’t pray to be seen by others, so don’t show off when you pray.  Prayer is essentially a conversation between us and our heavenly Father, so much of it can be done privately (vs.5-6)I don’t think this teaching goes against church prayer meetings, remember the early church met together to pray as recorded in Acts, but same principle still applies, don’t do it to show off to others, but pray corporately because we mean business.I don’t think this teaching goes against praying outside, prayer walks etc, but again the same principle applies.
2) Keep it simple when you pray, because the Lord knows what we need already, He just wants us to put it into words ourselves (vs.7-8).Teaspoon (TSP) prayers are fine (Thank you, sorry, please), short, even one-line prayers are fine.It is interesting that the Lord’s Prayer (vs.9-13), which Jesus teaches here (also in Luke Ch.11 in a different context) is an example of a simple prayer.
3) Note the repetition, even expansion, of the forgiveness section in vs.14-15.  And as I said last Sunday, when something in the Bible is repeated, we need to sit up and take note, because this is important.  Being forgiven by God our heavenly Father is something that we all want, but we also need to be willing to forgive others, the two are linked.

From our extended church address list, please remember in your prayers today, Sally and Terry, that now we are meeting again regularly in the church building they may re-join us, or that some of us may have the opportunity to invite them.

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