Daily email Number 305 – from the Vicar

ention last year which has shaped my thinking.)
I wonder if you noticed that the Psalm swings between the Psalmist speaking to God about his own relationship with Him, and then speaking to God about the wicked people around him.  It is a contrast between good and evil, goodies and baddies.One interpretation is to say that David the Psalmist (and dare we say ourselves) are on the good side.  However, verse 9 is quoted by St Paul in Romans Ch.3 v.13 (do look it up) as part of his argument that we are all actually on the side of sinners.Because if we are honest, at times we, like David himself, have committed the things in vs.5-6 and vs.9-10.If we follow the interpretation above we end up like the Pharisees, it is only in Christ that we can pray like this, because it is only in Christ that we are made righteous.
It would be a very natural thing for us to say, ‘Declare them guilty, O God’ (v.10), except that we might well be including ourselves.  However, the good news of the Gospel is that the Lord Jesus has come to forgive us and take our guilt from us.So in the end banishment (v.10) only applies to those who won’t repent/turn and believe.
The Keswick speaker suggested that the phrase in v.11, ‘all who take refuge in you’ might be a good definition of being a Christian, because it reminds us in ourselves that we are no better than others.  However, in Christ we indeed can be glad and joyful, protected, and indeed considered righteous (v.12).

In the Christian Institute’s week of prayer, today’s theme is Gospel Freedom, reminding ourselves that the Gospel is good news, and Christians should not be hindered from making it known to anyone. So we pray today,- that plans to ban so-called conversion therapy will not outlaw the ordinary work of churches;
– for CI’s legal team in their work helping those in difficulty for their Christian beliefs;
– that God in his mercy would grant repentance and revival in the UK.

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