Daily email Number 290 – from the Vicar

Good morning all, welcome to Saturday.Thank you to Derek for taking over the Daily Email over the last few days, and leading us gently through the various Resurrection accounts in the Gospels.
I thought I would continue the theme of resurrection and carry on with this famous chapter, 1 Corinthians Chapter 15, following the passage I preached from on Easter Day, 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 vs.1-11, which you might read again to understand the context.
If those verses were about saying how important the resurrection is, and it actually happened and there were eye-witnesses, the rest of the chapter continues with its meaning and implications.
So our passage today is 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 verses 12 to 19.
Here St Paul with sharp and piercing logic writes again that the resurrection is absolutely vital for our faith and life and hope as Christians.So, he says if Christ has been raised from the dead, then that means there is also a general resurrection of the dead.However, if there is no general resurrection of the dead (which seems to be what some from this early church were saying), then that means Christ has not been raised from the dead either (vs.13, 16).
And if Christ has not been raised then here are the logical implications,- our preaching is useless (v.14) – which I think means that it is of no use rather than being no good!!- your faith is useless (v.14)- the apostles are found to be liars (v.15)- your faith is futile (v.17)- you are still in your sins (v.17) – ie there is no forgiveness and redemption- those who die as Christians are lost (v.18)
And all summed up with the final verse of this section, that if we only hope in Christ for this life only (and not for eternity) then we are to be pitied more than all others (v.19).
Wow, it is hard-hitting stuff, but it is a helpful reminder to us that the resurrection is absolutely essential for our faith.

In our prayers today, let us remember Her Majesty the Queen, and her family, following the death yesterday of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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