Daily email Number 287 – from the Pastor

Well, we are ready to read Luke 24:1-12

The way the story is told here is very similar to Mark, so let’s focus on the detail in v.11.
The women went to give the disciples the wonderful good news, but were rudely rebuffed.
They didn’t believe, because their words sounded like nonsense!  I wonder if you have ever gone to give someone some brilliant news, only to receive a “Oh, yeah!”  If we have trouble believing the resurrection, we are in good company.  But the thing is, it tells us that these were not gullible peasants who would believe anything.  When Jesus appeared to them personally, he convinced unbelievers who thought it sounded like nonsense.  I find that convincing, amongst other proofs.  We can have no doubt about the validity of the resurrection of Jesus.

Then Peter, at least, went to see for himself.  That is the reaction of an honest doubter, look into it, to see whether it is true.  And that is the way many honest doubters over the years , have become convinced of the truth.  If you are interested in looking into all the evidence for the resurrection, I can recommend a book recently published by a friend of mine, John Dyer, who wrote a book called “Dead or Alive”.  It’s very readable, and you can find it on Amazon.

Praying today for
Shirley & family

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