Daily email Number 249 – from the Vicar

Our Bible reading today is Luke Chapter 10 verses 38-42 entitled ‘The very different sisters’.
I always find this passage thought-provoking and our writer takes us deep into it, and ends the devotional like this, the italics are his emphasis…
‘… Martha has been distracted by “many things“.  The result was that she had lost her focus on Jesus himself.  These things were vehicles for serving him.  But in the process of Martha’s serving, Jesus himself had been obscured.  She had lost sight of the Saviour in the service.  Doing things for him had taken the place of being with him.’
I find that last sentence very challenging.
So Sinclair Ferguson asks us to reflect like this.
Is today going to be a busy one?  There is so much to do.  Indeed there is much to do for Jesus.  Read Paul’s words in Philippians Ch.3 vs.13-14, and remember that only “one thing is necessary” (Luke Ch.10 v.42).

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we remember today in our prayers,- Tina McGowan- Derek & Joanna

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