Daily email Number 199 – from the Vicar

Dear All,
Welcome to Monday, for some the start of a new working week.
Our Bible passage today is Exodus Chapter 13.
Another pause in the action in the story as we read about the Lord giving instructions to Moses about another festival that is to be set up for the future to remember the events of that time, because they were so important (vs.1-16).  The Consecration of the Firstborn, or the Feast of Unleavened Bread, is separate to the Passover, but obviously remembers similar events, that the first-born of every Israelite was saved during the night of the Lord’s judgement.  Because the Lord had done this, each first-born child or animal in the future were to be consecrated, or set apart, to the Lord, ie saying that they belonged to Him.  And when they did this, there was an opportunity to remember how the Lord had brought them out of Egypt with His mighty hand (vs.8-10).  And they were to be set apart not by their death, as with other sacrifices, but by their life, that it belonged to the Lord.Much later, Jesus, Mary’s firstborn son, was presented to the Lord in accordance with this law (Luke Ch.2 vs.22-23), the occasion when they met Simeon and Anna.     These feasts or festivals shouldn’t be empty rituals, but for believers to remember the Lord’s power and goodness, and recommit themselves to Him.
And then the journey begins (v.17 onwards), with the Lord leading them down the safest route (vs.17-18) and being with them in a very physical way, pillars of cloud and fire, as He led them (vs.20-22).  And we read that Moses took the bones of Joseph with them, as he had requested on his death bed back in Genesis Ch.50 vs.24-25.  It is amazing to me that this request had been passed down the generations of the Israelites for some 400 years, as well as the safekeeping of the bones!

A quick reminder of one of the notices from yesterday’s service, all contributions, poems, prayers or pictures, to our Christmas 2020 booklet to reach Sue by this coming Thursday, and she is happy to come and pick them up if that is easier.
From our church address list, please remember in prayer today, – Roy & Rita- Robert & Jan

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