Daily email Number 160 – from the Pastor

A very good weekend to you,
Let’s read today from Joshua 6:1-5.
Yeah!  That’ll work!  Some hopes!  Get real, man!
When we face real obstacles in life, I mean times when there’s no way, and the pastor says to pray about it and wait for God to show His way, that’s our reaction.  You know the sort of thing, a cranky boss, awkward family members, or financial disasters.  When there is no way out, remember, nothing can touch you without God’s consent.  He knows you can win through when you trust Him.
How likely was this plan for Joshua’s ragtag army?.  Not only was there a great wall protecting the city, but God just said to walk around it every day.  Joshua knew that the Lord had promised the Israelites the land, and he believed him.  So he went along with God’s strange commands.  He believed in God’s power and obeyed.
God had already been working, preparing the city for destruction by putting fear into the kings of that region. (Joshua 2:8-14).  But, unlikely though the plan seemed, because Joshua believed, God’s people triumphed.
When we wonder if God can help us we can remember Joshua and think, if God helped him in that situation, He can help me.  Now matter how He chooses to handle a problem, His solution is always in our best interest.   Whenever you face an obstacle, you may experience great heartache.  But even in the midst of pain, you can have full confidence in God.  The most important part of each day is the time you spend alone with the Lord.  He’ll encourage you with His love and guidance.
Let’s pray today for the services on Sunday (fine weather forecast again, I believe) and
some of those contacted through Here4you,
Mikala & family
God bless
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