Daily email Number 138 – from the Pastor

In looking at Job’s triumph here, we move on a little to hear God’s assessment.  He concludes, Job 42:7.  After Job’s violent protesting we saw yesterday, how come God values Job over his righteous friends?  It’s important to see why.  Firstly, Job never did follow his wife’s advice to “Curse God and die”.  He does question God’s fairness, goodness and love, and despairs of his own life, but he refuses to turn his back on God.  “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him”, Job 13:15.  He may have questioned God’s justice, but he refuses to give up on God.  This is the faith God praises, of the man who will love Him even though the evidence points against it.  Job clings to his faith in God as his number one priority in life in spite of what he thinks he understands of his situation.  He does this because he knows that the alternative is far worse.
What does this reveal about his character?  So many would have prayed; take away the sores, Lord, restore my health and then we can talk about believing in you.  Even when he is ready to die, he asks for a quick death, Why?  Job 6:10.  When death does not come, he asks for a mediator.  What a preview of the only means of bringing God and man together!  Job 9:3316:19-21.  Now you can see why God values Job’s faith, as he foresees the coming of Jesus, the mediator between God and man, even though he has no such person at that time.
Finally, in desperation, he limits his demands to one request, that he sticks to: Job 13:331:35. So much to think about and pray over!  Let’s pray too for:
Derek & Joanna
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