Daily email Number 159 – from the Pastor

Wishing you a very good morning,
A devotional today from the Psalms –
When you pray, do you ever wonder if the Lord is listening?  If so, you are in good company.  Just look at Psalm 13.  David started off this Psalm on a difficult day, but gets there in the end.
Now look at Psalm 27:7-14 here.
v.7  If he didn’t have doubts, he wouldn’t have started out pleading with the Lord to hear him.
V.8  My heart is saying, “Pray to Him!”, so I will.
v.9  Still that doubt – when I don’t feel His presence, is He angry with me, or displeased with me?  Am I presuming a right to be able to come and expect Him to always be there?  Like David, we have to remind ourselves, “Yes, you have helped me before, don’t ignore me now.  Don’t turn me away, don’t abandon me”.   So human, so like us, but with a faith that believes anyway, “O God my Saviour”.
v.10  Confidence now building – “The Lord will receive me”.
v.11  Finally, sure now that He has the Lord’s attention, he starts his request, knowing that this is a prayer the Lord will answer – “Teach me, show me your way”  That is so often our difficulty, to know what to do, which path to take.
v.12  He remembers that there are others watching, ready to scoff or accuse us, probably to try and justify their own lack of faith.
v.13  “I am still confident of this.  I will see the goodness of the Lord..”  The confidence he attains at last is such an encouragement to us.  If he wins through then we can too.  This is not pie in the sky, a maybe in the future, the wishful thinking that some accuse us of believing in.  This is certainty for now, “in the land of the living”.
v.14  So – “Wait for the Lord”  He is there, He will answer.
Let’s pray today for some who were attending church when we could:
Jotham & Jethro
Have a good day, with God’s blessing,
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