Daily email Number 157 – from the Pastor

A very good morning to you,
on this late summer that isn’t disappointing.
And the third aspect of salvation is GLORIFICATION.  The Bible refers to it often as “that day”, the day when Jesus returns for us, either individually when we die, or at the climax of history when Jesus returns and     the kingdom of heaven is revealed.  This is the day when our righteous standing before God will become a living reality.  Paul describes it in Philippians 3:20-21.  This is when we will be finally perfected to stand in God’s holy presence, our battle with sin over, never weighed down by guilt again.
Until then we live by faith knowing that we belong to Christ, ours sins are forgiven, we’ve been declared righteous, and nothing can separate us from His love.  But remember, however much we rely on our justification, we can never ignore our need of the process of sanctification, constantly allowing His Holy Spirit to make us more holy as He is holy.  We cannot use our new liberty from sin to continue doing as we please, knowing that He gave His life to free us from that.
Out of gratitude and love, our desire should be to show in practice what we have become.  That way our lives will become a display of Christ’s character, for our good and His glory.
And in prayer. let’s remember:
Beatrix, with Bennet & Amelia
Pat & Catherine
God be with you,
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