Parish Visitors

Parish Visitors is a new initiative by the church and is prompted by our experience, backed up by statistics, that there are many who face loneliness and isolation in society due to various factors. It may particularly affect the elderly or the sick who because of age or infirmity find themselves shut-in and lacking in meaningful contact with others.
Such a sense of isolation can have a detrimental impact on the person’s well-being and hence their ability to improve their own situation.
We are aware that other local organisations seek to help in these situations and our desire is to make a positive contribution alongside of theirs.

Our volunteers are available to phone or visit people who would appreciate a friendly face and/or a chat. They are CRB/DBS checked and have had initial in-house training on visitation with further training planned.

Their role is simply to be a ‘lift’ to people’s hearts and minds by taking an interest in who they are and how they are doing. There will be a limit as to the amount of time they have available, and to what time they can give to any one individual, but we feel it important that where they can make a difference to someone – they should try to do so. This may be only a small step towards helping with this community issue but it is one we want to make.

If there are people you are aware of who may benefit from a visit, please do make contact with us. If you have a question about Parish Visitors, we would be happy to hear from you.

Lewis Houston
Parish Visitor Supervisor
07762 370606

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