Parish Nurse

Parish NurseHello Kings Heath!
My name is Lucie Brown and I am a Registered General Nurse.
After my training in General Nursing in
Switzerland, I worked for several years in different Surgical Wards and in the Accident & Emergency Department.
I then spent 20 years in Niger, West Africa where I worked essentially in Primary Health Care with a Christian Mission organisation called SIM.
As a family we returned to Britain in 2007 and it was then that we began to attend Church on the Heath.
I completed a nursing Return to Practice Course before entering the British Healthcare scene, working initially at Northampton General Hospital.
In July 2010 I began work in the private sector for a healthcare group travelling to client’s homes doing infusions and also training them to self inject subcutaneously at home.
My husband works locally in town and my daughter is just finishing her studies at University and I am now looking forward to being the Parish Nurse on Kings Heath.
The Sunday before I started my new role I was prayerfully commissioned by the church to undertake my duties conscientiously and with care for the whole person. It was also an opportunity for me to confirm before others that in my own heart I know that God has called me to serve the community as a Parish Nurse.

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