Kings Kids

At Church on the Heath we want everyone to feel welcomed, loved and accepted when they come to Church. We’re excited about helping our children learn how to listen to God through His Word, the Bible, to pray to Him, to enjoy Him and to do what He says.

Kings Kids is the name of our club for children aged 11 and under which takes place every Sunday during our morning service. All children (and babies) aged 11 and under are very welcome. (For children and teens aged 11 and over we have a separate group called ‘Engage’ which meets fortnightly.)

Our prayer is that your children will quickly feel comfortable with us, make lots of friends, have loads of fun and most importantly, go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

If you are bringing a child or young person with additional needs to Church, and you feel you’d like to chat through what extra provision can be put in place for them do ring Sue Woods (01604 599902) who will be happy to help, otherwise we can work it out as we go along, which is equally okay.


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