What we believe

  1. God exists as a Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. God created the universe and everything in it; he keeps it going, and has planned its future.
  3. The Bible is fully trustworthy as God’s word to humanity and so needs to be listened to and obeyed.
  4. All human beings are made in God’s image to be in relationship with him, but have been corrupted and separated from God by sin.
  5. Jesus is God appearing on earth, as a fully human being but without sin.
  6. Jesus died on the cross, taking in our place the judgement on sin, defeating evil, so we can be reconciled to God.
  7. Jesus rose physically from the dead and ascended to heaven to rule forever. He will return at the end of history to establish a new heaven and new earth.
  8. The Holy Spirit is God present with us today, leading people to God, helping us follow Jesus, equipping us to serve him.
  9. People come into a relationship with God and are saved from judgement by turning away from their sins and believing in Jesus as Saviour.
  10. The local church is made up of individual believers and is part of the worldwide church, called to serve all people in love and justice, and called to bear witness to the salvation which Christ offers.

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