Daly email Number 377 – from the Vicar

As we continue our journey through the Psalms, we look at Psalm 28 today.
I mentioned on Saturday with Psalm 27 how I was struck by David’s confidence that the Lord would sort out and deliver him in his current situation, in this life.
When I read the beginning of Psalm 28 the main thing that strikes me is how desperate David is in his words/prayers.  And perhaps this is a helpful reminder to us that David is very human, and different moods and feelings come to the fore at different times, as they do with us, and therefore the Psalms are very helpful to us as words/prayers that we can use in very different situations, whether to challenge us or console us.
And yet by the end of the Psalm (vs.6-9) David’s mood has changed, his heart is bursting with praise, and his trust is renewed.  Something has happened, perhaps an external word of encouragement, or perhaps just focusing on the Lord in prayer and worship, remembering His character or what He has done in the past, has turned David from desperation to trust.There are lessons here for us I think.
And then, a final comment about David’s desire for punishment and justice for the wicked (vs.4-5).  We may think things like this in private but perhaps dare not speak them out publicly, perhaps because we are a bit uncomfortable with the ideas of revenge and retribution, thinking that forgiveness is now a better way.
But do note a couple of things:firstly that David himself is having nothing to do with the revenge/retribution himself, he is asking the Lord to do that (v.4) and trusting Him to do the right thing; and secondly his principle concern against the wicked is not what they have done to him personally (often the main reason why human acts of revenge happen then and now), but because the wicked have shown no regard for the works of the Lord (v.5).  David’s main concern is for the honour of the Lord, not his own wellbeing.Again lessons here for us…

In our prayers today let us remember 2 of our overseas contacts. Hannah in Tunisia, Frank & Val in Nazareth. I received a short email from Hannah last week saying that the hot temperatures out there have made things very putrid, but she cherishes our prayers for her to keep going in her work, for being able to renew relationships having been away for sometime, and with the backdrop of a worsening Covid situation out there. She also sends her love to you all.

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