Daly email from the Vicar Number 64

It is Friday and the 9th day of Thy Kingdom Come, and using the material that they suggest to help us in praying for others, especially our 5.  Today’s overall theme is Celebrate – the Father’s love.
Our Bible reading is from a famous passage, the story of the Lost or Prodigal Son – Luke Chapter 15 verses 20-24, although you could read the whole story.

How joyful God is when He welcomes us back. We can have such skewed ideas of God as if He is an angry dictator or fault-finding headteacher. But actually, God is love and His attitude towards us is compassion and grace. Even when we are far from Him, He is willing to run and meet us, the way this father did.
Look how it says, ‘But while he was still far off ’ – the father didn’t wait for the son to come all the way to him, but he went and made up the distance. 

God does that. God doesn’t just wait – He comes out to us in His love and He stretches His arms in welcome.
God is stretching His arm out right now, moving down the road waiting for your friends to come home.

Loving God, please get my friends on the road where they see You running to meet them. 

Thank You that You welcome us with joy however far or however long we have been away.


Think of how you have been hurt by someone, or disagreed with them. How could you reach out and meet them where they are, just as Jesus does for us?
Please keep remembering and lifting up Champa’s sister and family and the rest of their community in India in this time of crisis for them.
If you or someone you know would appreciate going on the Alpha course at this time – an introduction to the basics of the Christian faith, then St Giles have an online course via Zoom starting next week on Thursday evening, 4th June at 7.30pm.  It is a slightly reduced course lasting 9 weeks in all.
St Giles are offering it open to other churches across the spectrum within the town.  Do let me know if you have someone in mind who would like to go, and I will give you further details.
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