Daily email Number 97 – from the Pastor

For our devotional moment this week, I would like to share some thoughts from the Psalms.  When we read them, we need to remember that they are not written to teach us what to believe.  They are mostly, intensely personal outpourings addressed to God.   They can often help us because they express what we feel sometimes, and are such a variety of worship, praise, anxiety, anguish, fear, despair, or gratitude, all emotions that the writers feel free to say to God.
They are personal prayers in the form of poetry, written by all sorts of people – peasants, kings, professional musicians in all sorts of moods.  Sometimes they are people wrestling with what they are feeling and what they think they ought to believe.  But for all their doubts, they know that they can bring it all to God.  Many of the psalms were set to music for congregational worship.
Maybe you can think of times when you might pray a particular psalm.  Facing temptation, feeling God is not there, celebrating a success, holding a grudge, suffering an injustice.  Feelings we all experience at some time or other.  Each psalm expresses one mood of faith.  Just don’t try to organise them or classify them.  We can think of them as the journals of people who want to believe in a loving, gracious, faithful God while the world keeps falling apart around them.
Let’s start today looking at that contrast in feelings.
Read Psalm 22:1,2 and then Psalm 23
Even Jesus quoted those anguished words on the cross, so though I may groan, agonise and cry out at certain moments, I will also remember the calm tranquillity of the confidence of Psalm 23.
Let’s continue praying for each other and today especially for
Roger & Sue (for a refreshing week) and Daniel
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