Daily email Number 418 – from the Vicar

Our Bible reading today is Psalm 32, one of the penitential Psalms, which along with Psalm 51 I think most clearly expresses the need to come to the Lord for forgiveness, and the blessing in one’s life when you have done so, of relief and the possibility of a new start.
So, taking you through the Psalm section by section.Verses 1-2 give us a joyful proclamation of the blessed (or happy) state of those who experience God’s forgiveness – David is speaking to the assembly of worshippers.Verses 3-5 are a testimony to a personal experience of God’s pardon; unconfessed sin begins to eat away at you, but full confession brings blessed relief – David is talking to the Lord in the hearing of fellow worshippers.Similarly verses 6-7 are a confession to God in front of others that life is only secure with Him.Verses 8-10 are possibly a priestly word of godly instruction to David and others, that having confessed their sin not to be foolish again.And then verse 11 is a final word from David to the assembled worshippers to rejoice in and praise the Lord! 
And may reading this Psalm not be a theoretical exercise, but may we really experience its truth and power in our lives as we come to the Lord today and into the future.

In our cycle of prayer, let us pray today for,- Shirley and family,- Tina McGowan

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