Daily email Number 409 – from the Vicar

It is Wednesday and I am back.  Hopefully now a period of a bit more consistency after my to-ing and fro-ing for conferences and trips to Norfolk.
Our Bible passage today is Ephesians Chapter 5 verses 1 to 7, which again continues the practical teaching of the previous section of how to live as a Christian, and the difference that following Jesus Christ should mean, indeed must mean.
Firstly though, vs.1-2 remind us of our motivation that Christ loved us and gave Himself up as a sacrifice for us, and so we too should live a life of love and service.
And then from v.3 onwards, a strong instruction that impurity of differing kinds, sexual, greed, speech, needs to be avoided.  Paul’s words are striking, ‘there must not be even a hint of…’.If these things become lodged in our hearts and lives, then they tend to take over, and so they become more important than God Himself, and so that is why Paul calls such people idolaters (v.5), because these basic instincts have become idols in our lives.
And as we saw in the last Chapter, Paul always suggests an alternative for the things we need to put off so there isn’t a vacuum, and here he suggests thanksgiving (end of v.4), a sign that we are satisfied with what we have got, and are not craving for more.
And this is serious stuff, because continuing with these leads to God’s wrath and judgement.  Paul is not being a killjoy, he is concerned with their eternal inheritance.As ever, much to ponder on…

In our prayers today, let us indeed spend some time in thanksgiving, and then in our cycle of prayer, let us remember 2 who have had connections with us in the more distant and more recent past,- Champa- Evie

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