Daily email Number 406 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Wednesday.  Our passage today is Ephesians Chapter 3 verses 14 to 21, and it begins ‘For this reason…’ as if Paul is resuming his thought pattern from verse 1 of the chapter.
And this passage contains another of Paul’s prayers (like back in Ch.1) and I heard this prayer described just yesterday in the conference I am currently attending as one of the greatest prayers in the whole of the New Testament.  And as I said a few days ago we should learn from the example of the apostle, because it shows us what he thought was important to pray for, and perhaps should be guiding our prayers when we pray for each other.
So what does he pray for?  Power!  But not power to do mighty things like miracles, but rather inner power to strengthen us in our faith as Christ comes to live in us (vs.16-17), and also a power to grasp (and to continue to grasp) the vastness of Christ’s love for us, and to know that love deep in us (vs.18-19).And as you read these familiar words of the vastness of Christ’s love in all directions, I am sure like me you will realise how these words have inspired songs that we sing, ‘Jesus love is very wonderful – so high you can’t get over it…‘, or ‘Wide wide as the ocean, high as the heaven above, deep, deep as the deepest sea is my Saviour’s love’, or perhaps you might remember Colin Pye, Regional Baptist Minister coming to visit us a few years ago and teaching us one of his own songs, ‘Wide and long and high and deep‘.
So in summary, Paul is praying that the Lord will indeed send His power so that his readers may be strengthened in their faith, and be inspired by the love of Christ to live for Him and to do His work.
And then some final inspiring words (vs.20-21) which you sometimes hear at the end of a church service, the technical word is a doxology, because they are focussed on God and His glory (v.21 – the Greek word for glory being – doxa).
I wanted to get to this point in the letter because it is the end of a section, as I am now going to take a break for just over a week from the Daily email.  I am going to visit my elderly parents in Norfolk for a few days to help them before they move, and then I am on a conference at the beginning of next week to do with my Diocesan role.  However, I will be in church to lead the service on Sunday. You might like to read on in Ephesians yourself, but I will return to it, probably Thursday next week.
In our cycle of prayer, we pray today for Beatrix, along with Benett, and Emelia, Tina Tibbett.

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