Daily email Number 403 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Ephesians Chapter 2 verses 1 to 10, which I think is one of THE great gospel passages in the whole of the New Testament, as the apostle Paul takes us from death to life, from being under Satan’s rule to being under the rule of Christ, from condemnation to salvation, from cravings to our sinful nature to good works.
However, this wonderful good news is not always easily accepted.
Firstly, because some might think that the diagnosis in vs.1-3 doesn’t apply to them.  It is very strong and hard-hitting, and perhaps it is easier to think it applies to someone else, someone more sinful, than our own naturally hard hearts.  Many don’t easily accept that they are lost without Christ, but I believe it is a necessary first step to accepting the Gospel.
But… God… in v.4 is one of the key turning-point phrases which reminds us that when God is at work, there is always hope.  And vs.4-7 explain how God takes us from death to life in Christ.
I remember learning vs.8-9 when I was a younger Christian as a helpful reminder that salvation is a gift of God and out of His grace and not by our own works, and that we need to respond through faith.  Again this isn’t always readily accepted by people, who from my experience naturally want to turn to their own good works as a sign of their goodness, and therefore their acceptibility to God.As we see from v.10 God has prepared good works for us to do, but not to rely on them for our salvation, that is by grace alone and by faith alone.

Why don’t you and I read this passage through several times today, and let its truth really sink in and warm our hearts??

In our cycle of prayer let us remember in our prayers today,- Derek & Joanna- Doreen

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