Daily email Number 400 – from the Vicar

Well today’s email as you can see reaches another significant milestone, although there have been other ones as well in the last year or so which weren’t included in the number system.
Anyway, some lovely words to commemorate such a milestone as we read Isaiah Chapter 12 together.
Note again the use of the phrase ‘In that day…’ in verses 1 and 4, which we have seen in the previous 2 chapters, looking ahead to a better time, a time of hope, partly fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah the first time, but also especially the Lord Jesus’ 2nd coming.
And these Songs of Praise (the title of this chapter in the NIV Bible) read to me like a Psalm, King David at his finest!
4 quick things to reflect on as we read these words.
– Even in the midst of judgement/difficulties which were happening in Isaiah’s time and with much more to come, it is possible to look further ahead to a time of praise and thanksgiving.  And in our world today where things are not right, and may indeed get worse in the world or the church, yes we can give praise and thanks to the Lord for what has happened since the time of Isaiah, but we need to hang on to the hope that one day it will all be good and perfect and where only praise and thanksgiving are the songs of the day.
– Note that although the Lord is sometimes angry with His people, His anger doesn’t last forever (v.1).  I am reminded of the words of Psalm 30 v.5, ‘For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favour lasts a lifetime’.
– Note that this anger turns into comfort, and the Lord’s people will recognise that He has become our salvation – He is the Saviour (vs.2-3).
– The last verses of the Chapter (vs.4-6) give a sense of looking back and realising that the Lord has done glorious things.  Sometimes in the midst of difficulties we can’t always see the Lord’s hand at work, but when we look back, we have a better view, and can better see that He has done all things well.In that day you will say…

This seems to be a good place to have a break in our readings through Isaiah, it has been good for me to be brave and take an initial slice out of this large cake called Isaiah, but after my day off tomorrow, we will tackle something else from Wednesday onwards.
In the meantime, take the opportunity to give praise and thanks to the Lord for His work in our lives now, but also to look forward to THAT DAY!

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