Daily email Number 399 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Isaiah Chapter 11 verses 10 to 16, as the words of the Lord through the prophet look ahead to a better time, a time of hope.
We see again at the beginning of these verses that phrase, ‘In that day…’ (v.10), and again we see a Messianic reference to the Root of Jesse.
These verses are poetic so it is not always easy to understand them in every detail, but there seems to be some sort of reference to the return from the future exile (a second time – v.11 – the first time being the Exodus), but there is also a sense of a greater and wider fulfilment (from the four quarters of the earth – v.12) which would point to a glorious regathering at Christ’s 2nd coming.Note too the unity between God’s people (Ephraim and Judah, representing the 2 kingdoms, no longer jealous of each other – v.13) but also the final destruction of those who are opposed to the Lord (v.14).
One more session on Isaiah on Monday which will finish this particular part of the book, and then a change to something else.

I have heard overnight from Champa that Aloke has passed away, so let us today give thanks to God for his life and faith, but also particularly remember and pray for Champa and the rest of the family at this difficult and emotional time for them.

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