Daily email Number 397 – from the Vicar

Our passage today is Isaiah Chapter 10 verses 20 to 34, the beginning of a section where we see the seeds, as I hinted yesterday, of the tide turning as the Lord ends His judgement on His people for their disobedience and begins to restore them again in different ways and at different times.
Note the phrase ‘In that day…’ with which this section begins – we will see this repeated a couple of times over the next few days. Note too the word “remnant” which is mentioned a few times here, reminding us that only a small number of what seem to be God’s people are actually faithful or turn back from their rebellion in repentance and faith.  They are the ones who will survive the Assyrian onslaught a few years later in King Hezekiah’s reign because they rely on the Lord and not the Assyrians (vs.20-22).There are hints here of previous names we have already come across – Isaiah’s first son was called Shear-Jashub, which means ‘a remnant will return’ (Ch.7 v.3); also one of the famous 4 titles from Isaiah Ch.9 v.6 ‘Mighty God’.Paul quotes these verses when speaking about the true Israel in Romans Ch.9 vs.27-28.
And so the key application for the people of Jerusalem is not to be afraid of the Assyrians, terrifying as they were, (v.24), because the Lord’s anger is now directed towards their destruction rather than against His own people (v.25).They are reminded of previous victories won by the Lord in the past (v.26) and in the rest of the passage what is to happen is described in poetic language.  Apparently some of the place names and their order in vs.29-31 imply the Assyrians getting closer and closer to Jerusalem but they never get there and are destroyed (vs.33-34).
We too must fear the Lord and not the most powerful of earthly leaders and regimes and ideologies, because He and His Messianic Son (more of Him tomorrow) are the ultimate victors in the eternal battle.

In our cycle of prayer, let us remember today,- Lynn, Paul and family- Jason and Corette, Pieter and Zarah

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