Daily email Number 396 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Wednesday and I’m back as we look at the next section in the book of Isaiah, Chapter 10 verses 5-19.
This is quite a shocking section in that it indicates that the godless aggressive nation of Assyria which conquered many places including Israel and Judah is actually a tool in the hands of the one true God (v.5).  
However, there is also hope in that it reminds us of the context of their success, that it serves the Lord’s purposes for a time, but that the aggression is only temporary, whatever they think (vs.8-11), and He will punish them for their own pride and arrogance (v.12), as we read in vs.16-19.
And as we shall see next time, the Lord’s main purpose is to remember His covenant with His people, and following pruning and judgement to preserve a remnant and restore His people.
These are important words for any generation and part of history including us today, that the strongest and most evil of forces is as nothing to the Lord Almighty.  He allows their superiority for a time and can simply take it away when He chooses.  It is to Him we should always look to and cling to, because He is the ultimate winner!

In our cycle of prayer, let us remember today,- Kim Bon & Sin Wei- Charlene and family

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