Daily email Number 394 – from the Vicar

One more look at yesterday’s passage, Isaiah Chapter 9 verses 1 to 7, because it is so important and so good.
And in particular to pause and think about 4 special titles given in v.6, each consisting of two elements, and each implying divinity.
Wonderful counsellor – points to the coming Son of David carrying out a royal programme that will cause all the world to marvel at.
Mighty God – His divine power as a warrior is stressed.
Everlasting Father – Interesting that a child yet to be born is called a father(!), but signifies the kindness of the perfect Ruler over a people He loves as His children.
Prince of peace – His rule will bring wholeness and well-being to individuals and to society.
And v.7 tells us that the Christ will be a descendant of David who will rule in righteousness for ever, fulfilling the promises to David himself from 300 years earlier (2 Samuel Chapter 7 vs.12-13 & 16).The fact that these verses didn’t begin to come to pass until some 700 years after Isaiah reminds us that the Lord deals in the long-term, yet He can still be trusted to fulfil what He promises, He is faithful!! 

Let us remember in our prayers today, 2 more of our overseas contacts, Fidel and his family serving Gracepoint Church in Nairobi, and Hannah serving in Tunisia, for the Lord’s blessing, presence and guidance to them all.

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