Daily email Number 392 – from the Vicar

Dear All,
We continue in our Bible reading today by looking at Isaiah Chapter 8 verses 11-22.
In the first section (vs.11-15), the Lord speaks to Isaiah personally and warns him not to fear what others around him might fear, but rather instead fear the Lord, because He is above and beyond any earthly conspiracies or human terror.
A word to Isaiah yes, but what a timely word in any generation including us today.  We don’t have to fear the pandemic, or climate change or world disorder or terrorism as much as we need to fear the Lord.
The Bible often teaches us that the Lord can be a sure rock or foundation to us, but if we disobey Him, or ignore Him, or run away from Him, instead He can become ‘a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall’ (v.14).And again this isn’t just a word for Isaiah’s time, both Paul (Romans Ch.9 v.33) and Peter (1 Peter 2 v.8) make clear in their letters, quoting this passage, that this applies to how we and others treat the Lord Jesus.  If we or anyone rejects Him, they will stumble and fall.
And so in the next section (vs.16-18), Isaiah responds brilliantly by saying that he will wait for the Lord, he will put his trust in Him.
And then a word to those around him (vs.19-22), don’t consult with outside spiritual forces, but rather always enquire of the Lord and His Word, summarised with a great question, ‘Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?’  Sadly many people still do that today, and the final verses describe the spiritual and mental state of such people.
In difficult times we always look to the Lord and His Word.

In our prayers today, let us pray for the people of Kings Heath who need to hear and know the Lord, whether friends, neighbours, contacts of the church or Here 4 You.

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