Daily email Number 383 – from the Vicar

Our reading from the Bible today is Isaiah Chapter 3 v.1 to Ch.4 v.1.
Here is a very descriptive and graphic passage of what is to happen to Judah and Jerusalem when it goes into exile just a few years after Isaiah speaks these words.There will be utter chaos as food and water supplies are disrupted (v.1), key people from different walks of life are taken away (vs.2-3), there is a lack of good leadership so inappropriate people are thrust to the top (vs.4-7,12).  The proud and well-adorned women with all their finery will be brought down and shamed (vs.16-26) and end up desperate for a husband (Ch.4 v.1).  In one sense it is a terrifying picture of destruction and failure.
However, if you are someone who fears the Lord, who seeks to do the right thing and live in His way, perhaps this description also gives a sense of comfort and hope.Because it is a reminder that the Lord knows when there is sin and rebellion against Him in a nation or amongst His people.  He can see and He will judge when it is the right time (vs.13-15).And in the midst of this chaos did you notice the one single verse that gives specific recognition to those who seek to stand against the prevailing tide of rebellion?’Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.’ (v.10)
These seem to be words to foretell a specific situation that indeed did come to pass a few years later, but in a wider sense they are a reminder that in every age and in every situation the Lord sees what is going wrong in the world and in the church, as well as those who are seeking to be obedient to Him, and at the right time He will act and judge, and ultimately will do so when the Lord Jesus returns. And next time a few more words of hope…

From our church address list let us remember in our prayers today,- Terry and Dawn- Mary, Sharon’s mum

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