Daily email Number 382 – from the Vicar

Our reading today is Isaiah Chapter 2, the whole of the chapter, so as I suggested yesterday so it might be good to read it through quite quickly first to get the overall flavour, and then more slowly, or even listen to it on the audio option of the Bible Gateway link.
One of the things that we have with OT prophecy is to try and work out when it is referring to the time when the prophet is writing, when it is pointing ahead to the coming of the Messiah, and when it is pointing ahead to the 2nd coming of Christ, the day of the Lord, when all things will be sorted and the new creation fully begins.  And perhaps quite often the words of the prophet apply to more than one timeframe, it is not a question if either/or but rather both/and.And today’s passage might be a case in point.
The first part of the chapter (vs.2-5), speaks of what is to happen in the last days, which might refer to the first coming of Christ, as He is established as the ‘chief among mountains’ (v.2), where He is the supreme teacher who taught with authority (v.3), where the gospel goes around the world and in a sense ‘all nations stream to it’ (v.2).  But there is also a sense of unfulfillment, particularly in the settling of disputes and the bringing in of peace (v.4), which suggests that this will all ultimately come to pass when Jesus returns. The second part of the chapter (vs.6-22), speaks of God’s judgement and of the humbling and defeat of those who do not trust in the Lord, which happened to an extent in Isaiah’s time to God’s people, but that is a foretaste of another ‘Day’ (mentioned 3 times in vs,11, 17, 20) when the Lord will decisively and fully intervene in the affairs of nations.The fleeing and hiding (vs.10, 19, 21) reminds me of the words of Jesus as he goes to the cross (Luke Ch.23 v.30) and in even more so to a greater judgement as revealed in the book of Revelation Ch.6 vs.15-16.
So Isaiah’s application to the people of that time, and to people of every age including us today, ‘Stop trusting in man…’ (v.22), but rather trust in the Lord who is so much greater and so much more powerful, who brings the ultimate judgement but also the ultimate peace.

From our church address list let us remember in our prayers today,- Lynn and Paul and the rest of the family- Jason & Corette, Pieter and Zarah – Jason started a new job recently, and Pieter started in his new school yesterday.

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