Daily email Number 376 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Saturday.Our Bible passage today is Psalm 27.
What strongly struck me as I read this Psalm is David’s confidence that the Lord will deliver him in his current situation, in this life.  I sometimes retreat behind the belief that if life is very tough, for myself or in particular other people, (and you can’t help think of Afghanistan at this time), then the Lord will ultimately sort it out, in eternity, when all evil will be finally dealt with, and there will be no more injustice or oppression.
And of course that is true, and of course we don’t know the exact way different situations will pan out in the will of God.  But I wonder that when I retreat to the “eternity” perspective, it is because of my lack of faith that the Lord has the power to sort things out much sooner than that, and my prayers are very weak.David was the opposite of that, his prayers, including this Psalm, were strong and confident because he had a big God.It is quite a challenge!
So some headings that I found to guide us through this Psalm, which may be helpful to you.vs.1-3 – confidence in the Lord affirmedvs.4-6 – seeking God for Himselfvs.7-12 – seeking God for His blessingsvs.13-14 – confidence in the Lord encouraged. 

In our prayers today, let us remember those who used to come to Here 4 You, including Tracey and Mikala & family, and for our ongoing contact with them as individuals and as a church.

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