Daily email Number 375 – from the Vicar

We move on today to Psalm 26.I think the first thing that strikes me is David’s claim that he has led/leads a blameless life (vs.1 & 11).  It is a strong claim, might even seem arrogant, especially when we now know the full story of what he did in later life.
My study Bible describes the term ‘blameless life’ as a claim of moral integrity not sinless perfection.  And therefore this Psalm is an appeal to God for Him to take account of David’s moral integrity, his unwavering trust and his genuine delight in the Lord, not a boast of self-righteousness.  Remember, David was chosen by the Lord because he was a man after His own heart (Acts Ch.13 v.22).
David lays himself open before the Lord and asks Him to test him and examine him (v.2), and outlines some of the choices he has made to live the right way (vs.3-8), and at the end of the day he still relies on the Lord’s mercy for his redemption (v.11).This isn’t salvation by works, but living a godly life in obedience and trust, and appealing to the Lord to acknowledge that.
And this should be our constant ambition too, to live a godly life, making good choices in the spiritual battle of life, but always relying on the salvation brought about by the One who was genuinely blameless, our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we continue to pray through our extended church contact list, let us remember today – Sally and Terry, 
that now we are meeting again regularly in the church building they may rejoin us, or that some of us may have the opportunity to invite them.

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