Daily email Number 374 – from the Vicar

Good morning to everyone.Our Bible passage today is Psalm 25, which is one of my favourite Psalms, for a variety of reasons including that I used to have a brilliant musical version of it on old-style cassette(!) by a gospel artist called Caroline Bonnett.
But I think the main reason it’s a favourite is because David’s words about God and words to God resonate with me, they are the words I want to say and pray.So he speaks about the character of God, His mercy and love (v.6), that He is good and upright (v.8), loving and faithful (v.10).He prays for guidance (vs.4-5), for forgiveness (v.11), for help in times of trouble and anguish (vs.16-17).
Life for David wasn’t easy, it was often a battle with very real enemies, as it is for you and me, but yet he longed to trust the Lord, to guard him and guide him and help him through.  And however imperfectly that is my desire too, and perhaps yours also?

From our extended church address list we remember in our prayers today,- George and Pat- Champa

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