Daily email Number 371 – from the Vicar

We continue looking at Psalm 22, and the final verses 22 to 31.
After the desperate words of yesterday, the mood music now definitely changes and there is a great sense of triumph.  The king’s prayers have been answered, God hasn’t forsaken him (with reference back to v.1 of the Psalm).
And so there is great praise in the great assembly or congregation or church (v.25), but beyond that to the ends of the earth (v.27).
And as the news of this spreads, and through it people all over the world turn to the Lord, there is a real sense that these final verses don’t just apply to David himself, (they have a much grander vision and scope) but to the Son of David, the Lord Jesus.In fact, verse 22 of this Psalm is directly quoted in Hebrews Chapter 2 verse 12 as words of Jesus Himself.The ultimate answer to these prayers is in the resurrection, because Jesus wasn’t abandoned to the grave, but was raised to life again.
And so at dark times in our life, we may find it helpful to pray this Psalm of lament, to pour out our heart and soul to the Lord, perhaps feeling abandoned, or that everyone is against us.  But as do we remember there is One who had all those feelings as well, and perhaps with a greater reason for complaint.  But as He was brought through suffering to life and hope, so we can experience such a turnaround, as we put our trust in Him.

From our extended church address list, let us remember in our prayers today,- Pat & Catherine- Jotham and Jethro

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