Daily email Number 370 – from the Vicar

After the praise and triumph of the last 2 Psalms, the next one is in stark contrast.  It is a long Psalm so we will split it into 2, and look today at Psalm 22 verses 1 to 21.
The original tune to which this Psalm is set is called ‘The doe of the morning’, which sounds so peaceful and pretty, but the content of the Psalm is far from that.The opening words, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me’, probably resonate with us because these are the words that Jesus cried out when He was on the cross, (Matthew Ch.27 v.46Mark Ch.15 v.34).
And the Psalm in these early verses contain words of utter desperation where David feels completely alone, with every human against him and abandoned by the Lord.  His physical strength has gone (v.15), and his mental strength too (v.14).  And yet amongst these words of desperation there are attempts by David to remember that God is there, and to rehearse in his mind what God is like (for example vs.3-5 and vs.9-11).
But as you read the Psalm it isn’t just the 1st verse that is familiar, but there are other verses too.  One writer puts it like this, ‘The fact that Psalm 22 is quoted 13 times in the NT, and 9 times alone in the account of Jesus’ suffering and death, points to a fuller meaning realised only in our Lord’s messainic affliction.’As we read this Psalm we shouldn’t only be thinking about David’s suffering, but Jesus’ too.  David was experiencing a foretaste of the sufferings of THE Christ.
But yet there is hope, David and Jesus, are not abandoned, and therefore we who are in Christ won’t be abandoned either.  We will look at the end of the Psalm tomorrow.

From our church address list let us remember in our prayers,- Sharon & George- Roger, Sue and Daniel.

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