Daily email Number 366 – from the Vicar

If our passage yesterday challenged us that we shouldn’t just say the right thing, “Lord, Lord”, but also do the right thing, ‘the will of the Father who is in heaven’, then today’s passage, Matthew Chapter 7 verses 24-27 has a similar challenge.This one is about not just hearing Jesus’ words but also putting them into practice, ie doing them.
The choice set out is between being a wise man and a foolish man, and most people would make the obvious choice. 
However, when I’ve often heard this story of the wise man and the foolish man explained, especially during children’s talks, with all the visuals of buildings collapsing or not collapsing, then the key application seems to be that we need to build houses with solid foundations, on the rock and not the sand.  And the speaker would say that we need to build our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus, because He is the rock. Now these things are true, and the Scriptures speak of this, eg Deuteronomy Chapter 32 verse 4, or Psalm 18 verse 2.
However, Jesus here is making a slightly different point here, that we are like a wise man who built his house on the rock, if we both hear Jesus’ words and put them into practice, that practical obedience is key here.  The contrast is with someone who is like a foolish man…, who is not necessarily a complete out and out pagan because somehow he comes into the vicinity of Jesus, the Word of God.  He hears the words of Jesus, but then chooses not to put them into practice, not to obey them. 
And so the challenge for us is always to hear and then obey, to put what we hear into practice.  May we, you and I, do that today.
I’ll finish with some closing thoughts from the SotM on Monday.

In our prayers today from our church address list, let us remember,- Terry & Dawn- Mary, Sharon’s Mum

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