Daily email Number 363 – from the Vicar

Apologies for the lack of daily email yesterday.  I was struck down with a very bad attack of vomiting and dodgy tummy overnight Monday/Tuesday morning, and spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping and recovering.Still not 100% but a lot better than I was!
Our passage from the Bible today is Matthew Chapter 7 verses 7 to 12.
Jesus returns to the subject of prayer, and in Luke’s Gospel (Chapter 11) these words follow the teaching on the Lord’s prayer.
So in verses 7-8, there are some gracious promises of our prayers being heard and answered; also something of persistence in prayer, keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.
And then in verses 9-11, Jesus compares earthly parents, who give good gifts to their children despite their sinfulness, with our Father in heaven, who surely is even more able to give good gifts to those who ask Him in prayer. However, I don’t think that this means every prayer will be answered just how we wanted, as if prayer was like a slot machine, or a genie and a magic wish.  Our heavenly Father is infinitely good and wise, and He knows what we need, and what will be good for us, which might not always tally with our sometimes flawed requests!  And yet the instructions remain, ask, seek and knock.
And then a final verse, v.12, sometimes called “the Golden Rule”, about doing to others what you would have them do to you.  Perhaps this is the verse more than any other which makes some people say the Sermon on the Mount is a set of teaching applicable to everyone regardless of faith, as I mentioned right at the beginning of this series.  However, we have to see it in context, and there is so much more in the sermon which either assumes faith, or is actually downright impossible to put into practice without the Lord’s help, without the power of the Holy Spirit in us.  

So in our prayers today, let us remember,- Kim Bon and Sin Wei,- Charlene, along with young Ariah and Samuel.

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