Daily email Number 349 – from the Vicar

So as promised yesterday, another quick look at the opening passage in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew Chapter 5 verses 1 to 12, focussing a bit more on these Beatitudes.
Each of the statements is in 2 halves, the first describing a person’s situation or attitude now, and the second a promise of what will happen sometime in the future.
And each of the situations “now” involves either something which is difficult, for example, those who mourn, who hunger and thirst, who are persecuted; or someone who is a bit selfless, for example, those who are meek or merciful.  And each of the promises are promising some kind of reward or something that is better, that the situation is rectified.
This is one example of many in the Lord Jesus’ teaching where there is an “upside down” feel to it, it is very counter-cultural, because it is not pandering to current worldly values which promote ourselves or our comforts now, but rather has a deeper spiritual aspect to it, and something that is more long-term if not eternal.And what Jesus is saying that we are indeed blessed if we endure difficult things now, or put our own needs behind those of others, because in a deeper sense we are participating in a heavenly kingdom, which is both here now, and yet also is still to come.  And in this kingdom there is ultimate well-being and a distinctive spiritual joy which is a result of the salvation that God has given us in Christ.  

In our prayers today from our church address list, let us pray for,- Roy & Rita- Robert & Jan

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