Daily email Number 347 – from the Vicar

Our reading today is Psalm 19, a great Psalm, one of my favourites.
The 1st section of the Psalm (vs.1-6) celebrates God’s world, His creation, its glory, and how God speaks to us through it. I am reminded of the words of St Paul to the pagan people of Lystra, which we looked at a couple of Sundays ago, where he told them God’s creation and provision to them from that creation is a testimony to Him (Acts 14 vs.15-17 – do look it up).
The 2nd section of the Psalm (vs.7-11) celebrates God’s word, its perfection and trustworthiness, and how God speaks to us through it. I am reminded of an old 70’s chorus, based on these words, which we used to sing when I first became a Christian – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ykfw3-i7s
And so what is the response of the Psalmist? In the light of such perfection, he is moved to confess his sin, and to acknowledge his capacity to sin (vs.12-13), and then (v.14) to dedicate his words and thoughts to the Lord, his Rock and Redeemer, even Jesus. It is a great response, and one which it would be good for us to copy.

From our church address list, let us pray today for,- Lynn, and Paul, and the rest of the family- Jason & Corette, Pieter and Zarah.

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