Daily email Number 345 – from the Vicar

Our next Psalm is quite long so we will split it into 2, and read today Psalm 18 verses 1-29.Before you read just a few notes…

The words of explanation at the beginning give the context for this song of praise and thanksgiving, and perhaps David’s words are so important that they are repeated as part of the account of his life and reign in 2 Samuel Chapter 22!
David’s words are very descriptive and graphic as he paints a picture of his deliverance from both an earthly and heavenly perspective.
When David writes of him being blameless (vs.23, 25) I think this is best understood not so much as a boast of sinless perfection, but rather that, in contrast to his enemies, he has devoted his heart and life to the service of the Lord.  And this devotion is the response/fruit of the Lord choosing David and working in his heart and blessing him greatly.
Now READ and give praise and thanks to the Lord along with David… 

In our prayers we return again to the beginning of our church address list and pray today for,- Colin & Penny- Martin & Lucie 

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