Daily email Number 344 – from the Vicar

We move on in our walk through the Psalter to Psalm 17, a prayer of David for justice against his enemies.
But firstly he writes of the battle within (vs.1-5), the fight against sin in his own heart and on his own lips, and asks the Lord to examine him and test him (v.3).It is always a good thing to check our own lives and our own spiritual standing before we ask the Lord to intervene.  As we well know David wasn’t perfect, but in many ways he is a good model for walking before the Lord when under great pressure.
And so from v.6 onwards he sets out his prayer for the Lord to hear him, and save him from his enemies and their wicked words and deeds, the battle from outside.And do note 2 things, firstly that David is leaving the Lord to deal with his enemies (v.14), he is not going to take matters into his own hands which is always a natural human temptation.And secondly the Psalm ends (v.15) with a great statement of trust and hope, that when he awakes all will be well, and of seeing the Lord face to face.
O that we might have a similar faith and trust in the Lord in the battles that we face both inward and outward. 

Let us pray today for the remaining 2 of our overseas contacts;- S.M. our student in Myanmar, who has recently completed his college course, as he has returned home and back to his sending church, that the Lord will guide and direct him in the next stage of his life.- Frank and Val in Nazareth, for the work of the hospital in Nazareth where Frank is Spiritual Director, and for the whole nation of Israel in uncertain times politically and with ongoing conflicts.

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