Daily email Number 339 – from the Vicar

We finish John’s 1st letter by reading today 1 John Chapter 5 verses 13 to 21.
Again as the letter draws to a close we see again the emphasising of familiar themes, but in verse 13 we see expressly written one of John’s reasons for writing,’I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know (my emphasis) that you have eternal life.’So despite the challenges contained in the letter, John wants his Christian readers to have assurance that they are saved and safe for ever.  Without ever becoming complacent, assurance is such an important thing to have in the Christian life, that despite all the wind and the waves that sometimes are all around us, the Lord will indeed watch over us and keep us safe and secure spiritually, because ultimately salvation is a work of God, and not our own efforts.
There is an interesting little paragraph (vs.16-17) about sin that leads to death and sin that doesn’t.  We don’t know exactly but probably the sin that leads to death is a persistent rejection of the truth of God in faith and deed, but these verses encourage us to pray for the sinner and not to judge them.
And then finally the last main paragraph (vs.18-20) summarises again the main teaching of the letter with 3 “We know…” statements, which are worth stopping to read again and reflect on today.

And so in our prayers from our extended church address list, please remember today,- Andrew, our Minister in training, currently on his summer placement at Burton Latimer church- George & Pat

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