Daily email Number 329 – from the Vicar

This is my last daily email for a short while as we are away next week, and Derek has kindly agreed to take it over during that time.
Sometimes you can manage a suitable break in a series, whether in the daily email or in a Sunday sermon series, but I feel that I’m leaving 1 John in an inconvenient place, but on my return I will try and recap and pick it up again.

 Anyway, our passage today is 1 John Chapter 4 verses 7-12, which is a superb passage on the love of God.  It is one I have used several times in the past when speaking at a wedding.
It reminds us that God is love (v.8), that if you like this is part of His definition, His essential character.
It spells out that this love is supremely demonstrated by Him sending His one and only Son into the world to give us life (v.9).
It makes clear that this love originates from Him and not us (v.10), and that it leads to His Son being a sacrifice for our sins.
And that our right response to this outpouring of love from above, is to love one another, and that completes the process (v.12).
Very profound, very simple to say, and a lifetime to put into practice, whether in marriages or in any other relationship. 

Using our church address list, in our prayers today let us remember,
– Lynn and Paul, as well as Billy,- Jason & Corette, Pieter and Zarah.

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