Daily email Number 324 – from the Vicar

Our passage today from the Bible is 1 John Chapter 2 verses 12 to 17.
Amidst the challenges that we have already seen about obeying the Lord’s commands, walking in the light and loving our Christian brothers and sisters, here are some verses (vs.12-14) that affirm or confirm the faith and spiritual standing of those John is writing to.
The poetic repetition is used for emphasis, to drive home the point that, despite the rigorous tests contained in this letter, John is confident of their salvation.  And if you can bear with the bias towards his male readers(!), the phrase “dear children” is probably a term of endearment to all his readers.
And then in verses 15-17 there is a warning not to love the world, to get sucked into its charms and power.  And when John speaks of “the world” he doesn’t mean people or the created world, but the realm of sin controlled by Satan which is set up to oppose God and His ways of righteousness.
So today, be confident that your sins have been forgiven, that you do know God, that the word of God does live in you, and you have overcome the evil one, BUT also do not get sucked into the world of sin that is all around us, but look to the Lord for strength to live for Him today.

Thank you for praying for our meeting with people from the Diocese and the Baptist Union yesterday, and for the Leadership Council last night.  It was positive that the different sides were able to be in the same Zoom room together and to listen to each other, but there are no easy answers to the exact next steps in a number of areas.  So we need to keep praying for wisdom and insight and to trust the Lord that these matters and the whole timing of these things are in His hands, and He will show us and others the right way forward.
Would you join me in praying for such things today please?
Sue & I are going to Norfolk this afternoon and overnight to see some of my family, including my Mum and Dad, who we haven’t seen since last August, so there will be no daily email tomorrow, and it will resume next week after the Bank Holiday.

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