Daily email Number 313 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Friday.  We move on in our daily readings to Psalm 13, which some of you might recognise from when we looked at it on a Sunday morning at the beginning of last year.
It is a classic Psalm of lament, with the several times repeated question, “How long?”  The Lord seems distant to the Psalmist, not answering his prayers, he is expecting the worst, and wondering why the Lord isn’t acting.  ‘How long, O Lord?’
I find it really comforting that such Psalms have made their way into the Word of God, inspired and preserved by the Spirit.  It tells us that this can be a normal experience for the believer; it sort of gives us permission to say such words and prayers if you and I ever feel like that; it is a helpful reminder to us that we are not the only ones to feel like this sometimes.
And yet amazingly, by the end of the Psalm there are some real words of hope (vs.5-6).  We don’t have to stay in the “How long?” mode for ever. What has happened in the meantime?  We don’t know for sure, but perhaps the Psalmist has had a direct revelation from the Lord; perhaps some words from the priest in the temple has changed the Psalmist’s perspective; perhaps the Psalmist himself has remembered from his own experience and deep in his heart that the Lord indeed has been good to him.
And so lament has turned to hope and trust, brilliant!  Not always easy, not always straightaway, but always possible for the believer.

From our church address list, let us pray today for,- Derek & Joanna- Doreen

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