Daily email Number 312 – from the Vicar

We move on to Psalm 12 today.  This has some similarities to yesterday’s Psalm 11 where the Psalmist is seeking safety and protection (refuge) from the Lord when the world around seems very hostile and it can be a lonely place to follow the Lord.
So vs.1-2 describes a society where godliness, reliability and truthfulness is very thin on the ground.  There is much boasting and flattery (vs.3-4), and all of this leads to a situation where what is wicked and vile isn’t just allowed to flourish, but is actually honoured (v.8).  For me, and perhaps for many of us, this seems a very relevant description of our society where it comes to sexual immorality, where what the Bible teaches is seen to be oppressive by our culture today, and the opposite is celebrated and flaunted. And therefore often it feels a lonely place to follow the Lord.
So, like the Psalmist we need to call out to the Lord to act, to take refuge in Him and trust Him; and perhaps also to strive to keep together as a local church, and also as part of the wider body of Christ, so we don’t feel that loneliness so much.
I am reminded of the story of Elijah in the Old Testament, when at one point he was really low and suicidal, and thought he was the only one left, when the Lord pointed out to him, there were 7,000 others around who hadn’t caved in to the culture of that day, and were still faithful to the Lord.  May we similarly be encouraged that we are not alone, but have brothers and sisters in the Lord around standing firm with us.
With that in mind, let us pray today from our church address list for,- Tina McGowan- Azaria, Charlene’s older niece.

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