Daily email Number 310 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Monday, and something different, I thought we would briefly look at some Psalms together.  So let us begin at the beginning, Psalm 1! It has long been thought that Psalms 1&2 are not just the first ones numerically but serve as an introduction to the whole of the Psalter.
In Psalm 1 we see outlined for us 2 contrasting paths, the way of the righteous and the way of sinners, with 2 contrasting destinies.  The first way has a wonderful description in v.3, ‘like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season’.  And the second way the exact opposite, of chaff blown away by the wind (v.4), which is a picture of judgment and ultimately death (vs.5-6).
Now we may want to walk the first way, but our sinful nature often takes us down the second, as we conform to the pattern of this world.
But a key principle as we look at the Psalms, as with all of God’s Word, is what did it mean for Jesus, and now means for us in Christ.And the Bible teaches us that there is ONE person, and one person ONLY, who truly fits the description of Psalm 1 and deserves to inherit the blessing, and that is the Lord Jesus.
And so we are made righteous when His righteousness is assigned/counted to us by grace through our faith in Him.Let us pause and marvel and rejoice at this wonderful truth today, but then with our hearts and spirits stirred, let us ask Him for fresh resolve to delight in the law of the Lord and to meditate on it (v.2), and to turn away from the pressures of a sinful world (v.1).

In our prayers, I thought we might join in with the Christian Institute, who campaign for Biblical values and truth in our country, who are having a Week of Prayer this week.

Today’s theme is Society – where they say there is constant pressure to move away from God’s good instructions for His world.  (Sounds like Psalm 1 to me.)So they suggest praying,

– For the country as we recover from Covid-19;
– That recreational drug use will not be decriminalised;
– That the Government’s review of gambling regulations will lead to tighter regulation;
– For evangelicals to be portrayed fairly in mainstream media.

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